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Welcome Tanker!

I'm not a web developer, and it shows.  I play World of Tanks.  When I first started playing WoT I was honestly not very good at the game for quite some time.  At some point I finally realized that I was losing more games than I was winning and that I wasn't really contributing to my team very well.  I decided I should try to improve at the game, and have had continued success going from a 47% winrate back in October of 2012 to a 55%+ winrate today.  I'm not here to brag about my stats or my skills, as I still have a long way to go to improve to the point where I would personally consider myself to be good at this game.  I'd simply like to try and share some of the resources that have helped me get better at this game.

I started looking around and I found the Official World of Tanks Forums and the wiki.  The Newcomers' Forum and Game Guides & Tutorials sections of the forums have a lot of helpful information. On the wiki I recommend you start out with the Newcomers' Guide to pick up the basics of the game and then move on to the must-read Battle Mechanics section.  The Battle Mechanics section may seem overwhelming at first, but this information is absolutely critical in to digest and put into practice in order to do well in this game.  World of Tanks also produces some videos that range from tutorials to advanced guides.

 Beyond the official resources there are growing communities on the WoTLabs.net forums and also on reddit, which are both linked in the title bar above.  WotLabs itself is a good way to get an idea of the current state of your gameplay abillity and track your progress over time.  The WotLabs forums have grown out of a desire to provide WoT players with an environment where learning, growing, and serious discussion can be combined with a bit of fun, without all the negative remarks, stat deniers, and terrible trolling that occur on the official forums.  reddit.com/r/worldoftanks is a community with over 10,000 subscribers that range from social players to serious tankers and there you are able to ask questions, see replays, browse the FAQ and wiki, and have a little fun with the serious business of internet tanks.

If you are more interested in getting some hands-on tutoring in order to improve your game-play there are a couple of options.  Millardthemk and Teram started WorldOfTanksTutor with paid services ranging from replay review and individual tutoring to guided platooning.  CrabEatOff has a paid replay review and mentoring service that also gets rave reviews.  The free WotLabs Forum Community Mentoring Service has also improved the game-play of many tankers.


I will be updating this in the future to include more resources and hopefully add in guides from WoT players, some map strategies, and more.  I'd like to make this page as simple as possible so that it is easy for players of all skill levels to readily find information that help them improve their gameplay.  If you have suggestions please send me a message either on the official forums or on the WoTLabs forum.







 Keep on improvin'!


 Updated 10/20/2013

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